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vlad hernandez (aka futuristicvlad)

You know that friend who is the super creative techie person? That friend who does “totally awesome web stuff” for work, builds super detailed models of starships in his free time and engineered a self-contained, custom solar power system because his wife wanted to take ice cream camping? That’s Vlad. Take one-part technologist, one-part creative designer and mix it with a passion to explore and you’ve got Vlad. Some people call Vlad a nerd. He considers it a compliment (he’s nice like that).

Since Vlad was a young lad, his endless curiosity and desire to learn has fed an intense love of visual design and technology. He learned to speak and write dozens of languages, with the majority only understandable by computers or Klingons. Over time and possibly due to a spider bite, he developed a super-power that sits at the confluence of business, creative, customer and digital. It’s his unique ability to create simple solutions and deliver value today with an eye on how to manage, measure and grow tomorrow. 

Vlad’s a builder and his toolbox includes UX/UI, development, animation, SEO, security, recovery, CMS, performance and smiles. People other than his mom know how awesome he is at it too. He’s been a playa’ and builder of great teams like 1990’s Critical Mass where he shared the fancy-shmancy Grand Prix at the Cannes Cyber Lions for Nike iD. Since then, Vlad has worked and learned from an array of clients across every major sector and size.Vlad also gives back through regular volunteering including membership on the SAIT New Media Design & Production Advisory Board. He also likes coffee and taking pictures of his feet when on vacation.

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The Design Collection

Constant personal development has me experimenting with design and coming up with new and most importantly fun ideas to show the world. This area is dedicated to showing my 'other' work that I do. I've been a fan of Lego & Science Fiction since I was young. So for fun I explore these areas as a creative outlet. Enjoy!

Brickster Tees Shop (LEGO)

Deep Space Dives (SciFi)