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Who have you worked for?


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In my 20+ years I've worked for a variety of companies that have exposed me to various industries. Of course living in Alberta there is a considerable amount of oil & gas business but I do prefer to work with smaller businesses where I can have the most impact. I've worked with companies all over Canada and the US and as a result of working with many local agencies I've had the opportunity to work on projects for some very well-known brands you'll see listed below. 

Oil & Gas Industry: Sanjel. Cenovus, Petro-Canada, Shell, Talismann, Encana, CEPA, PSAC and CAPP, geoLOGIC, Ferus.

Photographers: John Gaucher, Justen Lacoursiere and Ric Kokotovitch.

Architecture: Sturdy Co, Marc Boutin, Davignon Martin, Hannon Richards

Others: Co-op, City of Calgary, CP Rail, LookLabs, Jump Studios, Design Eyewear (AU), Lux Windows, Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club, Vote Calgary, ATCO, Fairmont Hot Springs, geoLOGIC, Quattro Integration, QMax, Fort Calgary, Revera Retirement Living, Calgary Stampede, Heritage Park and many other businesses.

Agencies: C&B Advertising, Mosaic Communications, Foundry Communications, Pitch Digital, Scout Communications, Nonfiction, Strut Creative, Studio Dialog.

My Roots Begin With...

Critical Mass

While at Critical Mass I had the opportunity to work for Fortune 500 brands like Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, Dell, Mercedes Benz and Hyatt. All which gave me considerable insight into the value of brand, innovating and development of the highest quality. One of the biggest perks of working at Critical Mass was the people. I worked & learned from some very talented creative directors, designers, developer and project managers. Many of them have gone on to master their areas of expertise and I still keep in contact with many of them. I even contract some on occasion.

There were many projects I enjoyed while working at Critical Mass. But the best project was NikeiD. It was an amazing (and small) team and we created one of the hotest website at the time. We have the award to prove it too!